Why Fear Chasing is so Important

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Why is fear chasing so Important?

Fears are irrational and we allow these irrational fears to control us. Fear is an invisible force field that holds us back; but on the other side of that, is all your wildest dreams. If you’re not willing to do scary things then you won’t notice the amazing opportunities in your life. In episode 757, Kevin and Alan break down 5 common fears and talk about how to overcome them.

You must go outside of your comfort zone if you want to grow. There is just no way around it! Be mindful because fear disguises itself as intuition. Sometimes we will tell ourselves that it’s our intuition and use this as an excuse. Find the root cause of why you’re avoiding something.

Here are 5 main fears that people have 

Fear of judgment. We might tell ourselves that we don’t care what people think, but honestly deep down, do you allow others’ opinions of you to control your actions? We spend so much of our brainpower stressing that others are thinking poorly of us. Ask yourself though, do you constantly look at other people and judge them? Probably not! We are so worried about ourselves!

Fear public speaking. Often ranked even above the fear of drowning, public speaking leaves people running the other way. But why? The only way to dissolve this fear is to do it! Messy action is key! Remember, no one will remember your first speeches, and honestly, your mistakes don’t define you, they help you grow! Take every chance you get to slip outside your comfort zone and speak!

Rejection. Yikes, this is a hard one. No one likes to be rejected. People will actually pretend to be someone else to avoid being rejected for who they truly are. Crazy right!? But it happens so much! Do you know what the best way to get over the fear of rejection is? You guessed it! Chase rejection. Make it your goal to get rejected as much as you can. Adopt the mindset that the more you get rejected the closer you’re getting to acceptance. Eventually, rejection will feel easier! This is an incredible new skill to adopt!

Being left behind / Leaving others behind. Are you playing small in order to make others feel better? Are you resisting growth in order to stay with others who refuse to grow? Or instead are you terrified that you will be left behind? Check in with yourself and use this fear to motivate you and bring others to your level instead.

Regret. Does your fear of regret trump all these other fears? I hope so. All the aforementioned fears run deep, they’re difficult to manage, but is your fear of regret stronger? Would you regret a life full of avoiding your dreams due to fear? Have a deep conversation with yourself. The previous fears are temporary. Once you face them you will actually feel more empowered and less terrified. Regret, however, lasts longer and runs deeper. Let the fear of regret be stronger.

Sometimes your fear is based on an old version of you or it’s based on something that happened in the past that no longer is you. Once you begin to face these fears you will adopt a new version of yourself.  You’ll also realize that fears aren’t as real as you think they are. What is real, is the powerful version of you that can be achieved. Step into that. Because your dreams are all on the other side.

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