Why Comparison is a Trap

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In this episode, you will learn why comparison is a trap.

Do you compare yourself to other people? 

Or do you compare yourself to who you were before? 

Many of us get stuck in the comparison trap. We might think that comparing ourselves to others will motivate us, but it usually paralyzes us. In episode 736 Kevin and Alan discuss the problems around comparison and how it holds us back.

Here are a few main reasons to avoid comparison.

People don’t show the whole picture. Often we are comparing ourselves to a false identity. As a result, we compare ourselves to the highlight reels of someone’s life and this is terribly detrimental. We couldn’t possibly try to keep up with this unrealistic standard.

We don’t see where someone started. For instance, we don’t realize how long someone might have taken to get where they are now. We don’t see all of their failed attempts. We don’t see the singer doing solos in their basement suite, we see them signing the record deal. We see them on the stage in front of thousands of fans. We see a snapshot of someone’s journey and don’t realize that it wasn’t always this way.

We tend to assume we aren’t capable of something because we can’t do it well…yet. Yet being a keyword. We overlook the compound effect. We overlook the fact that we can indeed do these seemingly impossible feats if we just stay consistent at it. But when we compare, we get discouraged and give up before we even began. 

Above all, try to recognize if the comparison game is hindering you from getting to the next level. The only person you should compare yourself to is yourself. Just be 1% better than yesterday. You truly can have what you really want out of life. Strive to be the best version of you, not of anyone else.

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