Turning Delusional Beliefs into Empowering Ones

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Our beliefs either hold us back or propel us forward. It’s important that we raise our awareness in turning delusional beliefs into empowering ones.

In episode 816 Alan and Kevin talk about 3 delusional beliefs that are inhibiting our growth. In return, they give us 3 replacement beliefs to help us excel in our businesses. 

Belief number one. Everything will just work out. Sorry to break it to you, but it won’t. I mean, it will as long as you do the work that needs to be done. There is a time and a place to trust, to let go, and allow our lives to unfold. But you cannot write your dream on your vision board and just wait for it to happen. We all want easy. Or at least, we think we want easy. True deep meaningful results come from true deep meaningful hard work.

Remember to take ownership of your life and know that you have the power to change it. It will work out. It will work out because you are going to work for it. Here is the replacement belief.  What I do each determines what does and doesn’t work out. 

Second delusional belief. I can achieve more with less effort. Wait, what? This is missing a whole piece. . At the beginning of the entrepreneurial journey, we have to put in the max effort to get it off the ground. We put in this level 10 effort but are left with 0 results. This is why it’s so hard to keep working and succeed because we haven’t received the rewards yet. If we stay consistent, however, eventually it becomes level 9 effort for level 1 rewards. Then 8 and 2, 7 and 3, 6 and 4, and 5 and 5. It takes so long to get back even just what you put in. However, after this point, the table turns and you get higher rewards for less effort. If you imagine this concept as a shape you might imagine it as a bow tie.

Kevin and Alan talk about the concept above in episode 485. Now that we understand that, the replacement belief is this. As I become more competent and gain momentum over time I can achieve more with less effort.

Delusional belief number 3. I should be charging more. Possibly. Many of us struggle with our self-worth and may tend to charge less. But have you ever been to an event where the coach told you to multiply your current prices by 10? This doesn’t help if we cant deliver 10 times the price. We need to over-deliver. We need to deliver 10 times what we are charging. Also, if your prices are not sustainable for your clients then that is no good for you either! One other very prominent problem with this is that if you don’t truly believe you’re worth what you change then, it will seriously pull you out of alignment.

We need to do the inner work, we need to learn and deliver the equivalent value that we want to be reimbursed. The replacement belief, therefore, is this. The more I learn about and master my craft, the more I can successfully and sustainably charge my clients.

If you change your beliefs, you change your trajectory, which changes your life. You really do have control over your mind. consistently focus on turning delusional beliefs into empowering ones to set you up for success

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