The Hard Truth About Your Goals

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In episode 770, Kevin and Alan share one hard truth about your goals. With consistency, almost anything is possible, without it, almost nothing is. 

This is what sets successful people apart. Consistency. Successful people have grit. Grit is showing up even when you don’t want to. It’s showing up when it’s hard and pushing through when you’re tired. If we only show up when we feel like it, our goals will forever be out of reach. Your progress will end up in one step forward two steps back. If you were chipping away at something to reach the gem inside; it’s the tiny continual action that will reach the treasure. Large infrequent effort may result in us giving up right before we hit it. It’s the compound effect.

 Small incremental action over time creates large quantifiable results. It also creates momentum. Working out 30 minutes a day is way more effective than 3 hours once a week. The momentum keeps us from stopping and starting. It takes more effort to start. If we can eliminate the initial force of starting so much we will go further longer. 

Focus on being consistent with the small things first. Once we start to see the progress, we get excited and are motivated to keep going, the problem is, in the beginning, we are max effort in, very little in return, and then eventually it switches and our hard work pays off. Then it’s minimal effort in and max return and we can enjoy our rewards. Keep this in mind when doing things you don’t want to do. Keeping this in mind will help you with the frustration when you don’t have the results right away.

Stay patient. We all want immediate gratification. This is why bad habits are easy to create and hard to destroy while good habits are hard to create and easy to destroy. We are already consistent, just at the wrong things. Notice that you have habits in your life that are impulsive and unhelpful. You can also create good habits that you don’t even need to think about. Don’t give yourself an option to do your positive habits. Decide it, and do it.

What are you doing when no one is watching? The trajectory of your life is what you do and what you don’t do. What really matters is all of the things you do when not in the public eye. It’s all the hard work that doesn’t seem to count but over time creates big wins that look light overnight success. It all looks too overwhelming at first, you have the power over your day. Do the small things, make sure you take your power back, and hold your life story in your own hands 

Consistency is also a catalyst for self-worth. We increase our self-worth when we make promises to ourselves. How many promises do you make to yourself and break? This is a hard truth we need to recognize. Do what you promised. Go to the gym when you’re tired. Be proud of the hard work you do. It’s difficult to have high self-worth when you’re disappointed in yourself for never following through. You are worth it. Do it for you. Raise your standards, set a small goal, achieve it and watch your self-worth increase. There is general self-worth and then self-worth that comes with effort and grit. Every human being is worthy. We are all worthy of health and love. But there is different self-worth that comes with achieving greatness and staying true to yourself.

Consistency builds momentum, self-worth, grit, and this leads to confidence, commitment, and clarity. All these other attributes will come. The hard truth about your goals, however, is that consistency comes first. It’s possible for you. Adopt a new small positive habit and stick to it. So much is possible for you. Keep working and when you look back you will see how all your consistency built something bigger than you thought possible.

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