Greendale YMCA – Worcester, MA
Sunday, December 10, 2023

Next Level Hope Foundation

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Kevin and Alan are the founders of Next Level University, a Top 100 Self-Improvement podcast with more than 1,533 episodes heard in over 150 countries.

But that’s not where they started.

Growing up without fathers has been a lifelong challenge for the two of us.
One of us (Alan) lost his father at the age of two to a car accident and the other (Kevin) did not meet his father until age 27.
Growing up without a positive male role model has been extremely difficult, and we’ve both witnessed first hand the challenges our mothers faced as single parents.
This struggle is the reason we started the Next Level Hope Foundation, a charity aimed at giving back to children of single parents.
We host two events each year – one on Father’s Day and the other during the Holidays.
Our Annual Holiday Event is fast approaching and will be held on December 10, 2023, from 1 to 4pm ET, at the Greendale YMCA in Worcester, MA.
We will have holiday music, arts and crafts, sports, food, and one gift for each child to open.
In the holiday spirit of giving, we ask if you’d be willing to contribute to our cause.
For the kids! <3
Any contribution, no matter how big or small, is SO VERY MUCH appreciated, and we already contributed a $500 match to hit our goal of $1,000 this year.
We wish everyone a wonderful Holiday season and thank you in advance for your support.
If you are in the Worcester area and would like to get involved with this event, or if you have any questions, please reach out to
With love & gratitude,
– Alan & Kevin

We hope everyone is having a wonderful year, and please be sure to reach out if you have any questions or want to get more involved!

Wit love & gratitude,
– Alan & Kevin

join us at the upcoming next level hope foundation holiday event!


Kevin Palmieri is the Host, Co-Founder & CFO of Next Level University, a Global Top 100 Self-Improvement Podcast. As a Speaker, Podcaster, Coach & Consultant with more than 1,000 episodes & listeners in over 125 countries, Kevin is here to talk about what it really takes to create your dream life.

alan lazaros

Alan Lazaros is the Host, Co-Founder & CEO of Next Level University, a Global Top 100 Self-Improvement Podcast. As a Speaker, Podcaster, Business Coach & Consultant with more than 1,000 episodes & listeners in over 125 countries, Alan is here to talk about how to engineer a life of fulfillment on your own terms.


Stay tuned to find out who the 3rd speaker will be!


Stay tuned to find out who the 4th speaker will be!


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | Writer | Speaker

Tory Eletto is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) & the Owner of E-Motion Psychotherapy with over 15 years experience working with couples, families & individuals on healing their relationships. As a Speaker, Therapist & Business Owner with a Top 15 Relationships Podcast, “The Imperfect Person”, Tory is here to talk about how to finally heal the relationship you have with yourself.

what can you expect to learn at next level live?

Plain and simple. At Next Level Live, you’re going to learn exactly how to design & achieve the most aligned, fulfilling & successful life possible.

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event breakdown

7 – 7:45am

Doors Open, Meet & Greet + Continental Breakfast

7:45 – 8 am

Event Introduction + Opening Meditation

8 – 9 am

Alan & Kevin Speak on Self-Awareness (Health) + Q&A

9 – 9:30 am

Breakout Session 1, Stretch + Coffee Break

9:30 – 10:30 am

Alan & Kevin Speak on Relationships (Love) + Q&A

10:30 – 11 am

Breakout Session 2, Stretch + Coffee Break

11 – 12 pm

Alan & Kevin Speak on Achieving Your Dreams (Wealth) + Q&A

12 – 12:30 pm

Group Fear Chasing, Surprise + Group Photo!

When & Where


Sunday, December 10, 2023

Greendale Family Branch YMCA

When & Where


Sunday, June 18th, 2023

Greendale Family Branch YMCA​


Got any questions? Here's the list with the most frequent ones!

Absolutely! If you want to start 2023 strong and get ready to have the best year personally and professionally, then this event is for you!

Yes! A continental breakfast will be included.

We will be abiding by all Worcester Mandates regarding COVID.

In this case, we would host the event virtually instead & your ticket would transfer over.

We will not be offering refunds.

Nope! We recommend business casual, but you may dress in whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Please shoot us an email with any questions you may have at: &