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Everybody wants to work for themselves.

Everybody wants to start their own business.

Everybody wants to help people.

But who can actually do that in a way that’s sustainable and profitable?

Next Level Business Solutions is for passionate people who want to help others, but they do not YET know how to build an actual business.

I help you
Grow & Scale

How is it that most early-entrepreneurs fail within a few years, even if they’re putting all their efforts in their business?

They love what they do, but they don’t have an actual business: they don’t have a business model, a business plan, a marketing plan, and they don’t track numbers & behaviors.

In most cases, it’s your current level of thinking that holds you back from reaching the next level in your business.

If all this sounds overwhelming, it’s totally normal, and that’s why I’m here.

At Next Level Business Solutions, I help my clients grow & scale their business online by focusing on the following three major components:

  1.  Leadership → I help you develop the leadership skills & vision necessary to create & develop a peak performing team.

  2. Culture → I help you create a culture of excellence & peak performance catered specifically to that vision & the core values of your specific organization.

  3. Systems →  I help you create the specific, customized & necessary systems of success required to support the vision & keep your team working in perfect harmony toward your organization’s goals.

Hey there!

I’m Alan Lazaros, and I’m here to help you scale & grow your business online!

I’m the co-creator and host of Next Level University and founder of Next Level Business Solutions.

Several years ago, I left Corporate America to pursue my true calling of bringing personal development to the masses.

People were calling me crazy: “You have a B.S. in Computer Engineering and an MBA, and you want to podcast?”

Fast-forward 3 years, and what started as a simple podcast has grown way north of a 6-figure business with an 11-person, global & peak performing team.

The only reason I’m still able to podcast every week, after 600+ episodes, is because I took what I love to do & BUILT an actual business around it.

I’ve done the exact same thing with my clients & have contributed to generating well over $5M in revenue.


You don’t have to do this alone. 

How would it feel having someone in your corner that guides and supports you every step of the way?

Next Level business solutions

As a Next Level Business Solutions client, you get everything you need to step into your greatness and get to the next level of your business.

Everything you need to step into your greatness and get to the next level of your business.

There are so many people who THOUGHT ABOUT STARTING A BUSINESS...but they NEVER DID.

You are passionate about what you do, and you want to help people. Let me help you build a business around it!
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What credentials do you need to join?

You just need to have a burning desire to take what you love and transform it into a business.

The proof is in my happy clients

Listen to a few of my recent clients talk about their experience with ‘Next Level Business Solutions,’ and how I have helped them grow & scale their business.

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