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Extraordinary Books, with Extraordinary People.

Our goal is to help you get to the next level, and one of the things to do that, is surely to read books.

What’s even better is being part of a book club, where you meet with growth-minded people, weekly, to talk about your main takeaways of the chapter and learn from each other!

In fact, reading a book can teach you so much.

And being part of a book club can make you learn 10X that!

We’re truly excited to have the Next Level Book Club as one of our weekly activities, and it’s COMPLETELY FREE.

Simply join us on Zoom, every Saturday at 12:30 PM EST for a live & private session, where you’ll experience tremendous growth, while connecting with the Next Level Family.

The books we've read so far

The Next Level Book Club started on March 2021, and these are the books we’ve read so far:

HERE's everything you need to know

We’d love for you to be a part of The Next Level Book Club!

Here’s everything you need to know about it:

  • This is a safe place. If you weren’t able to complete the chapter or get the book for whatever reason, no problem at all. You can still come to learn & observe.
  • Participation is NOT required. You can literally leave your camera & mic off the entire time if you want. Even if it was just me discussing the book and others listening in, I’d still be happy to have each and every one of you.
  • No one will ever be shamed or shunned for anything. There are no bad or dumb questions or answers, only genuine people with a sincere desire to learn from great books with great people.
  • Each session is private (not streamed nor recorded)
  • Each session is 1-hour long, and it’s completely FREE!
  • We read 1 to 2 chapters per week & then discuss the chapter(s) on the call.
  • Every Saturday at 12:30 PM EST


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