How to Recuperate From Burnout

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Burnout happens when we stretch beyond our current capabilities. Here are a few words on how to recuperate from burnout.

Keep in mind that burnout is inevitable. If you’re ambitious, driven, or seriously just want to stand outside of the box, you’re going to have to come face to face with mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual crashes. Maybe even all 4 types of burnout at once. Despite which type of burnout, the steps to rise above remain the same. 

Another thing to recognize is that a higher level of awareness will bring so many different opportunities. These opportunities can really just be a disguised form of distraction. Now here’s the thing, opportunities can take us away from what got us to this point of opportunity. We stop doing our systems, get distracted, overwhelmed, and crash. A slight decline goes unnoticed. We start crashing but once we start crashing, we cannot stop it. The old you will burn down, but once you burn down you have the opportunity to grow and rise above. 

Once you crash and burn down, ask yourself which of your needs aren’t getting met. Check-in with your values and see if you are in alignment. Burnout is an opportunity for reflection. It’s also a reminder to be more proactive with your health and self-care. However, keep in mind, sometimes we dont need rest but more things that fill us up and make us come alive.

In episode 807, Kevin and Alan share the 7 steps of burnout.

Burndown. Okay, so we’ve burned down, it’s going to happen. If you’re constantly pushing yourself and haven’t quite found the balance outside of your comfort zone that allows challenge without overwhelm, then it’s going to happen. But it will happen less and less over time.

After the onset of the full-fledged burnout, we must first seek comfort to put a halt to the crash. We need to give ourselves a moment to feel okay.

Contemplation. We need to contemplate and reflect to find the root cause of this burnout episode. We need to contemplate where we need to adjust and make changes in our lives.

Next, find someone to see outside the picture and give feedback. We must seek resources to help mend the chaos. When we have an episode of burnout, it often feels like everything is out of control. We may need help from a friend or a professional to get back on track. If you are experiencing an emotional burnout then maybe consider a therapist. If you are experiencing a physical burnout, then possibly a doctor or health coach.

Eventually, we will reach a breakthrough. We will realize the lesson in the burndown, and come out the other side. Our old ways will die, and a new stronger version of ourselves has the ability to surface.

Get back to fundamentals. Remember the systems that you have in place to keep the trajectory going in the right direction. Cut out what isn’t absolutely necessary and get back to the basics that have brought you thus far. These are the critical habits that will bring you to the highest version of yourself. Remember, these are the things that raise our awareness and give us more opportunities. If we are not careful, we take on unaligned opportunities and we lose sight of the things that brought us to this abundant place in the first place. And these unaligned opportunities often are what lead us to burnout as well!

Build back up slowly. It’s time to ease back into the intense workload, making sure we’ve mended enough to take it on. We’ve rested, reflected, healed, moved forward, and now it’s time to build up the powerful being that you are with this newfound awareness.

And always, always remember to find gratitude in the evolution. We think of burnout as a failure, but it’s just an indication of stretching and growing. 

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