How to Make More Effective Decisions

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In episode 768, Kevin and Alan share a key component to effective decision-making.

How to make more effective decisions. This is a very valuable skill to have! Since good decisions determine the best course of action to reach our goals, decision-making ultimately shapes your destiny.

Why is decision-making so important? Without a doubt, it is imperative for success. The formula for success is to consistently and sustainably make positive, effective, intelligent choices. 

What do we need as a prerequisite to making effective decisions? In order to make these intelligent choices, we need high self-awareness. The next thing is clarity. If we don’t know what our goals and values are, we don’t have much to base our decisions on.

What kind of people are effective decision-makers? Predominantly math-brained individuals are the most effective decision-makers. It’s because they can leave the guesswork behind and actually calculate long-term results. 

But what if I don’t like math? I hate to say it but you’re going to have to learn to love math. The best thing to do if math wasn’t your favorite as a child is to learn why math is so important. You don’t need to go and learn calculus or anything but having a basic understanding of the formulas and principles of math will help long-term in calculated risks as well as long-term success. Thus a key component in decision-making.

Can I just trust that things will all work out? Yes and no. if you do the things and work the formula, then it will work out and you can settle into that confidence, but you can’t just trust it while not doing anything about it. Honestly, if you leave your life up to chance, it won’t just work out. However, if you set in place clear formulated decisions you can set your journey on a path of excellence. 

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