How to Have Difficult Conversations

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Would you say that you are comfortable having difficult conversations?

Or do you avoid it until it builds up into something much bigger than the original problem?

To succeed, grow, and stay in alignment, difficult conversations are an absolute must! In episode #729 Having difficult conversations; Kevin and Alan discuss how imperative this skill is. One of the first questions to ask yourself when preparing for a difficult conversation is this: “Is this best for the person I’m about to have the difficult conversation with?”.
Oftentimes we avoid telling our loved ones the hard truth they need to hear. In retrospect, we also tend to struggle to take in the hard truth we need to hear. Understanding the value of feedback is an important step in having a hard conversation.

Next is understanding that you’re doing yourself and others a disservice by avoiding the challenging conversation.

Another reason for improving your skill of vulnerable conversations is that it keeps you in alignment with your core values. The law of attraction doesn’t work if we don’t first admit the truth to ourselves and then express it to others.

Now we understand why we must not avoid the hard conversations, but how can we navigate through the discomfort of these conversations? First, acknowledge that there is no win or lose. You are on the same team. Next, separate the person from the problem. Recognize what the problem is and tackle it together. And most of all, start with much love, state your expectation for the conversation and remember, it’s you and the person you’re communicating with, against the problem.

Remember, it’s all a work in progress. Start small. Keep pushing yourself forward instead of avoiding, and let your truth be the guide!

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