How To Embrace the Struggle

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You cannot have fulfillment without growth and you cannot have growth without struggle. Understanding this will help you embrace the struggle. In episode 791 Kevin and Alan accentuate this mindset to keep us from falling victim to the thought that we can have everything we want while living an easy life.

When people say that you just need to imagine your success and it will just happen. Just run the other way. It’s not true, it’s a mindset that will keep you from adopting the difficult habits you need in order to succeed. 

Let’s talk about the 4 S.’ Sacrifice-giving up the parts of you that aren’t aligned with your highest self. Struggle– staying consistent even when it’s a stretch, even when it seems impossible. Suffer– facing the truth of where you really are at vs what you want to think of yourself. This all leads to success

When you’re at the gym and you constantly do what’s easy, your muscles won’t grow. You’ve got to push just a little, 1% 

If you decide you want to get into shape, you will first need to sacrifice. You will need to give up unhealthy foods, you may even have to miss out on time with friends in order to make time for the gym. 

Next comes struggle. Struggle to make it to the gym every day, struggle to move extra steps every day. Struggle to give your body the nutrients it needs to thrive and drink enough water. 

Then comes the suffering. At some point, you’ll be up late wanting to eat an entire pie (or maybe it’s just me). Some days you’ll be tired and even going for a walk will seem like work. You go for a run and your breathing sounds like a freight train. Don’t stop once it gets hard. You start counting the reps once it gets hard. This is where it counts. When you start to suffer through it, that’s where you’re growing.

But you know what? You stick to it. You got success! And not only the results you want, but also the character and skills to achieve that success! This is a truly important point! If someone just magically made you super fit, you would eventually fall back into your old ways because you don’t have the grit and the habits to maintain it. YOU NEED THE STRUGGLE. The sacrifice, struggle, and suffering are what make you a powerhouse and then the goal isn’t really as amazing as the personal growth gained. The results are a by-product of the more evolved version of you.

Don’t buy into the trap that success can come without struggle. Think about everything you’ve created for your life. Did it come without struggle? Now think about everything you worked really hard for. Do you not appreciate it even more? This leads to fulfillment. And fulfillment is the ultimate life goal. So don’t be afraid to struggle! Get out there and stand strong. On the other side of that struggle is SUCESS!

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