How to Design the Most Fulfilling Life Possible

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Are you fulfilled? Do you aspire to have the most fulfilled life? In episode 743 Kevin and Alan share a framework on how to design the most fulfilling life possible.

First, don’t give up passion for profit. Profit is important but there is no reason you can’t get paid to do what you love. If you’re going to a job that you’re not passionate about, then you won’t be on the path to creating your fulfilled life.

People are often worried that they will lose passion when they make their passion their job. There are in fact hobbies that should stay as a variety-driven escape in your life. But if you’re truly passionate about something, you won’t lose your why. If you’re deeply connected to something you won’t always want to do it but you will find purpose in doing it. You don’t know you love something because you want do it all the time, you know you love something when you’re always glad you did it.

Another way we sacrifice fulfillment is by chasing after pleasure. Pleasure is short-lived. It’s a quick response to something enjoyable. Joy is deep and meaningful contentment outside of current circumstances. Fulfillment is one’s own unique contributions beyond one’s self.

Pleasure is great in the moment. However, when living a pleasure-centered life, one is trading in long-term fulfillment. Reflect on your own life and see where you are. Have you been designing a life in advance? Do you plan your vacations more than your meaningful work?

The next step to designing your fulfilled life is making sure you are balanced in health, wealth, and love. Fulfillment can’t flourish when either of those is lacking.

Another thing to realize is that we as humans need a challenge. We need to contribute to feel fulfilled. Sometimes a pleasure-centered life is tempting, but to truly have a deep purpose and a sense of belonging one must consistently grow and contribute to their deepest why. Fulfillment looks different for everyone, it’s not something that can be compared.

Find something that’s deeply meaningful to you. 

If you have your foundation in health wealth and love, if the people you surround yourself are growth-oriented, and you have your basic human needs met, then you will be able to focus on your unique mission & purpose. 

Use these tools to create a life that’s truly purpose-driven and meaningful!

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