How to Design the Best Habits for Your Goals

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Do you have a huge dream for your life but don’t know how to get there? Any big goal can be broken down into a series of habits. You have to decide the finish line and reverse engineer it. In episode 799 Kevin and Alan share how to design the best habits for your goals.

Search for people who have the success you want and find what their daily habits are. It’s almost like a recipe. When we are cooking we try different things until we find the secret sauce. Once it’s created, we don’t change it, we keep making it over and over and over and it becomes the family magical recipe. Same thing with goals. Successful people try different things until they find the habits that unlock the code. Just like we don’t always need to create a new recipe but can follow one that’s tried and true, we can also adopt the habits of successful predecessors.

Remember that habits are large goals broken into daily pieces. Next Level University has created Peak Performance Trackers. They are a series of aligned daily habits that if done consistently will lead us closer to our goals. Take a moment to think about what small habits you can incorporate into your life. These habits should be broken-down versions of your big goals. Be careful of going too big at first though! Start small to practice consistency and then increase them as you go along. Don’t underestimate even just the little changes in your life and their impact! You don’t need to go big right away. In fact, if you make it too hard, you probably won’t keep it up.

Some people find it easy to know what they need to do in order to succeed. Others however second guess their every move. Consistently 1% out of alignment will drastically take you off course. In retrospect, consistently 1% in alignment with your goals will drastically bring you closer to them. Make time for consistent reflection and check-ins if you’re worried about whether or not you’re on track. Its all about slowly replacing bad unaligned habits with good, aligned habits

Okay so now we’ve figured out our habits, but we are struggling to keep them. We need to optimize efficiency. We need to create an environment that supports our goals. What makes your habits easier to do? Does leaving your gym clothes out help you to get to the gym every morning? Does meal prepping help you to eat well and stay on track? Leave reminders for yourself so that you can stay consistent.

Find the friction point of what’s keeping you from completing your habits. Eliminate that friction. Set up your space so that you don’t use brainpower for thinking about doing your habit but for actually doing it. You shouldn’t have to think about it. Instead, it should be automatic.

Long-term thinking. Are you a long-term or short-term thinker? Habits are for long-term goals. Often we don’t see the value in daily habits if we don’t think long term.  If you think long-term then you will be able to see the importance of creating and keeping habits no matter how small. Set a timeline to keep yourself on track for your long-term goal. If you’re not at your estimated point in say 90 days then reassess your habits and make changes where needed. 

Find your through-line for success. Figure out what your skills are and create habits from there. Create a train of momentum and never stop. Create your identity, increase your standards to keep up the habits that correspond with those standards. You truly can design the life you want! Start creating a system for success.

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