How to Communicate Your Message

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Have you ever wondered how some people have the incredible ability to completely captivate an audience? Have you ever wanted to know how to communicate your message? In episode 846, Kevin and Alan sit down with the one and only Eddie Pinero, founder of Your World Within.

Eddie shares the secrets to great storytelling, capturing an audience, refining the small details of a speech, making the audience the focus point, the importance of contemplation, and believing in your dream before the rest of the world does.

Storytelling is all about connecting the dots. It involves walking your listeners from point A to point B and then filling in the middle with relatable and captivating content.

Storytelling is such an important skill to have because you can truly connect with people better when you share stories. 

Stories spark emotion in others and have the ability to bring large groups of strangers together in a sort of unison where they suddenly all feel the same thing. Imagine, you, the speaker, standing on a stage amidst thousands of people who don’t know you, or each other. But you have the power to connect every single person to each with one profound, relatable, captivating story. This is a gift not to be taken lightly!

Eddie shares with us how he has an exercise of taking a random word each day and creating a story out of it. He contemplates how it relates to life in general, his life specifically, and all the other individuals around him. He then goes a level deeper and connects it to greater meaning, and lesson. The more we pay attention to how much we are affected by the world around us, the better we can connect and communicate with others. 

When creating speech content, there is a time and place for listening back to recordings. Even just pronouncing words differently can change the entire feel of a sentence. When trying to figure out how to communicate your message, practice changing your tonality, vocal variety, and emphasis on different words. Always keep in mind that the goal of communicating is to spark action inside your listeners, whether it be internal or external.

Another point to help you understand how best to communicate your message is to have the frame of mind that this speech is for the audience. You aren’t the star of the show, you are the guide to help the audience understand how this message relates to them.

All the previous points will help in communicating. But there is another important thing, if you cant capture the audience in the first 15 seconds, then you will most likely lose them for the rest of the presentation. It’s consistently a fight for their attention, remember that. Ask yourself why they need to listen to you, and deliver that message for them. 

One of the best ways to capture an audience right away is to open with a quote. Quotes are short, profound, relatable, and help the listeners determine what your speech is about. Another way to capture their attention quickly is with a short, moving story. Again, it has to be something that proves to the audience that what you have to share is valuable.

One way to keep the value of your speech is to “earn the tell”. Do you have the experience to be able to share it? Have you lived the experience? We cannot properly communicate something to someone if we ourselves have not actually experienced it. If we try to share something in which we haven’t “earned the tell” then we won’t come across as genuine. Our audience needs to believe us and trust us and the best way is for us to earn the experience we want to share.

What is the goal of your talk? What message do you want to share? How clear is it? Does it inspire contemplation in your listeners? Does your speech prove that you the speaker have also contemplated this message well? The most important point in understanding how to best communicate your message is, what is the purpose?

In closing, just remember, when first creating something, the world won’t see it. But make sure that you can. Make sure that you believe it first. Don’t look for others’ approval or recognition for validation. Believe in your message, because when you do, the world will too. When you believe your message, then you can deliver it with the fervor and magic that can spark nations and nations to come. Never ever doubt your own voice, and never doubt your impact. You can truly inspire the whole world with just one word. 

If you’d like to learn more about effective storytelling or gain incredible inspiration, check out Eddie’s work on youtube and follow him on Instagram @your_world-within. He has this incredible ability to move people. Get inspired by his work and watch your own unique message grow too.

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