Changing Your Mind About Your Future

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Changing your mind about your future may disappoint others, but this clarity will get you what you really want out of life. Have you ever been afraid to begin because you’re afraid that you will change your mind later? Evolving is part of life. Get really clear about what you want and just start. It’s okay if things change! We are meant to change. It’s important to consistently check-in to see if you’re still in alignment. Make sure you’re not staying at a job or working on a project that is no longer in your vision. Tune in to episode 781 to better understand the importance of checking back in with your goals.

Understand your values. Rating your values is helpful in checking in with your goals. Kevin and Alan discuss the 5 M’s of motivation and how they play a role in decision making. The first is mastery. How important is it to you to become highly skilled at something? The next is movement/ freedom. How important is it to you to have autonomy and freedom to plan your day? How much do material possessions matter to you?  What about mating/romance? How important is it to be there on your child’s first day of school or to spend every night with your spouse? The last one is mission. How much is the legacy or the impact important to you? 

When you can be honest with yourself about what truly motivates you then you can see whether your original aspirations are truly what you want. If you would like to learn more about the 5 M’s of Next Level Motivation, check out episode 792.

Next, rate your values. If you want to be a famous speaker and travel the world for example, but it’s more important to you to spend every single night with your partner, then this may no longer be a highly valued goal. It’s a great help to rate each value out of 10. For example, if you love speaking at a level 10 but you really do appreciate relationships however only at a level 9, then you can adjust further and see how you can incorporate your relationships into your speaking career. Remember however though, that speaking will be your first priority and thus tucking your children in every night will not come first. It’s a hard truth but such an important one.

Don’t worry about letting others down. Now that we are clear we might decide that maybe we don’t want something as much as we thought we did. We will have to face the consequences of changing our minds. This is an important point. Sometimes the fear of embarrassment or letting others down will actually keep our attention on something we no longer want.

What if you’ve told all your friends that you are going to run a marathon. Later you realize that you hate running and it’s taking all of your time away from your new love for podcasting. Now it becomes a goal you should re-evaluate. You may feel embarrassed about telling everyone you’ve decided to stop. This shouldn’t be a reason to keep it up. If your life is no longer optimized for success because you’re jogging all over the place mindlessly, then you need to re-evaluate. You have to be aware of the process. You might want the goal but if the process isn’t aligned with you then you will have to be honest with yourself. 

A drastic life event can change your mind about your future. Having a near-death experience can make you realize what is truly, deeply important to you. Some people even go through a phase where they question everything they previously valued. They might make a completely life-altering change. This is difficult because the people close to us don’t always understand our personal goals. But you have to stay true to yourself. This is your future. What do you really want out of life right now? Don’t be afraid of changing your mind about your future. We are meant to change. It’s all part of the journey so just get out there and start. You’ve got this, go write a future you love.

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