Peak Performance Business Coaching

My name is Alan Lazaros, and I am a speaker, podcaster and peak performance business coach/consultant.

My focus is helping businesses and business owners dial in their numbers and systems to scale their impact online.

I also love to bring persona and professional development to those who want a more successful and fulfilling career.

How I help my clients

1. Get Clarity

I help my clients decide on what they really want, not just on what they think they can get, and most importantly, WHY they want it.

I also provide clarity on who they must become to achieve it, the implications of what else they can expect and the beliefs they must develop to make that possible.

2. Create A System

I help my clients create a specific daily system of success focused ONLY on the top leverage points that actually matter, customized unique to their specific goals, core values and lifestyle.

3. Accountability & Tracking

Each client has their own specific PPT (Peak Performance Tracking) spreadsheet, and it’s my job to keep you accountable and consistent. 

Also, we tweak and improve your system every week based on our continuously heightening awareness of what’s working .

Client love

Hear from a few of my recent clients how their experience coaching with me has helped them transform their life both professionally and personally.

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Fair warning, this coaching is not easy.

This coaching is right for you if:

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