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Kevin Palmieri

Host and Podcast Coach

I remember opening my final pay stub of the year… Did I accomplish my goal to 6 figures? I did!

But nothing changed. I was laying in bed that night and I had this thought, “Your car doesn’t matter, your house doesn’t matter, your wallet doesn’t matter… your thoughts matter more than anything.”

And that’s how Next Level University was born.

The podcast started out of curiosity. Why do people think the way they do? Why do they act the way they do?

What if they changed the way they thought… the way they acted? What else would change?

The first guest I had on the show was Alan. And at that point Alan was way more Hyper Conscious than me. He had already left his job and began the journey of chasing his dreams full time.

Alan and I became really good friends… and he’s one of the biggest reasons I am who I am today. So when I decided I wanted a co-host, and a business partner, I know I wanted it to be Alan.

He was a professional speaker and had his own podcast called, “Conversations Changes Lives.” What a coincidence

That was the day that we decided we wanted to change the world together.

Alan Lazaros

Host and Peak Performance Business Coach

Years ago at age 26, after being involved in a nearly fatal car accident, Alan questioned everything.

His father passed away in a car accident at age 28 when he was only 2.

So this car accident really shook his snow-globe…

He questioned everything. What if that was it? Did I live a life true to myself? How courageously did I fight for what I believe in? How fiercely did I love?

Not liking his answers and filled with regret, he decided to change forever.

Today, Alan’s a Professional Speaker, Peak Performance Business Coach and Consultant, and the Co-host of The Next Level University Podcast.

Between Speaking, Podcasting, Coaching & Consulting, Alan has clocked and tracked thousands of hours inspiring, motivating and educating others on how to master their systems and design a magnificent life on their own terms.

Alan believes that life is about choices.

He grew up his entire life hearing stories about his father, and he can tell you from experience that how you die isn’t going to matter.

What’s going to matter is how you chose to live.

The Next Level Team

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