Kevin Palmieri

CFO, Founder, Co-Host &
Peak Performance Podcast Coach

Some people find rock bottom… I found out that rock bottom had a basement.

In my mid 20’s… I had it all.

I had a beautiful girlfriend, high paying job, sports car, my dream body… but I still ended up sitting on the edge of a bed debating suicide.

After my rock bottom moment, I went all in on holistic self-improvement.

I was determined to overcome my anxiety, depression and to finally live the life I’d always dreamed of.

Years later, I now host a podcast that impacts hundreds of thousands of people in countries all over the world.

At this stage, I’ve helped grow the podcast into a multi six-figure business, and I’ve recorded well over 1,000 episodes.

I’ve also given hundreds of speeches, trainings and coaching calls with people all over the world.

The main thing that changed was ME.

I focused on learning what I didn’t know (unlearning a lot too), and my life started to shift.

I love talking about Consistency, Commitment, Habits, Mindset, Confidence, Fear, Relationships, Limiting Beliefs and everything in between.

I believe in a heart-driven but NO BS approach to holistic self improvement, and I look forward to teaching even more people about what it really takes to get to the next level!

Alan Lazaros

CEO, Founder, Co-Host &
Peak Performance Business Coach

With a powerful combination of technical expertise and business acumen, I am a Business Coach, Consultant, Trainer, and Speaker specializing in helping businesses maximize their growth, impact, and profitability online.

I believe in a heart-driven but NO BS approach to inspiring, motivating & educating others on what it REALLY takes to get to the next level.

At age 2, my father passed away in a car accident… At age 26, I questioned everything after getting into a nearly fatal car accident myself.

It made me question who I was and the choices I was making.

Filled with regret, I searched for answers and found two of the brightest lights I’d ever seen.

The first was a book by Bronnie Ware called “The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying”, and the second was a Ted Talk by Tony Robbins.

Both helped me find my way and decide to go ALL IN on self-improvement to design a life of meaning and purpose.

Now it’s my mission to help others design fulfilling lives, maximize their potential, and build aligned businesses they love on their own terms.

My primary areas of expertise are Peak Performance, Productivity, Organizational Design, and Individual, Team & Business Optimization.

Between leading a global team at NLU, giving hundreds of trainings all over the world, and thousands of one-on-one coaching calls with clients, I am here to help you get to the next level.

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