#71 – Scratching The Surface: Making Choices VS Making Excuses

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NOT A MEMBER OF THE “HYPER CONSCIOUS NATION” YET? Visit www.thehyperconsciouspodcast.com to get access to our behind the scenes content, courses, training programs, articles and build your dream team!!! Your alarm goes off… and you have that choice. Get up like you should, so you know you'll have time to eat before work. Get up like you know you should so you can listen to something positive before your morning workout. Get up and do that early morning workout. We all get that moment of “I know I should do this but…..” And that's exactly what we talk about in this episode. When you say you're going to do something, and you don't, you're breaking discipline with yourself. So how do we get out of this cycle?It all starts with a CHOICE! Yes, it's cold out and your bed is super warm… but you're the one who said you wanted to get back in shape. You made the choice to set that goal, so now make the choice to follow through! You're the one who made the choice to cook breakfast to save money, so now follow through. The best goal in the world wont change anything if you don't make the choice to follow through and that's what this episode is all about!!! ENJOY!

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