NOT A MEMBER OF THE “HYPER CONSCIOUS NATION” YET? Visit to get access to our behind the scenes content, courses, training programs, articles and build your dream team!!! In this 28 minute episode we talk about why society doesn't do more of what makes us happy. (What fills our cup)This is an exercise that one of our guests (Cheryl Hunter EP#64) practices with some of her clients!We get so caught up in the necessity of living, making money, going to work, and taking care of whats necessary that we sometimes forget to do what makes us happy! There has to be a way to balance both right?Obviously making money to pay your bills is super important and necessary… but if you're too tired to do the things that make you happy, it's no wonder why you feel unfulfilled! In order to figure out how to do more of what you love, you need to figure out what you actually love doing first! Let's do it!!!

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