#643 – The Law of Attraction Won’t Work For Your Unless…

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“When fear is present, the truth tends to go down.” – Alan L.

Do you know and understand the law of attraction? Simply put, it's attracting who you are: things, places, and people. With that in mind, it requires you to know what your truth is; otherwise, the law of attraction will not work for you. In today's episode, hosts Kevin Palmieri and Alan Lazaros talk about how truth is a perspective and that self-belief is vital in your self-improvement journey.

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Show notes:
[1:49] Why are we talking about this?
[4:00] The one step to start leaning into your truth
[7:17] Can you be TOO truthful?
[10:47] Biggest fear when telling someone the truth
[11:33] When the truth was detrimental for Kevin
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[15:32] Reverse negative sell
[17:52] The less truth you know, the worse off you'll be
[20:38] The truth about what you're capable of
[25:08] When mentors are permitted to tell the brutal truth
[26:02] Key takeaway
[28:47] Group coaching is NOW open! Be part of group 4 and start investing in yourself
[29:15] Outro

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