Here's another speech that hosts Kevin Palmieri and Alan Lazaros did, and it's all about self-care: a topic close to Kevin and Alan's hearts. They want their listeners to understand that self-care is very important and it doesn't mean that you're selfish. Remember that you can't pour from an empty cup, so make sure you tune in and start creating a positive relationship with activities that will fill your cup.
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Show notes:
[1:45] Kevin's rock bottom-basement
[4:25] Four main facets of self-care
[5:49] Breaking your day into thirds
[7:30] Creating positive non-negotiables
[9:51] Find what makes you feel fulfilled
[12:59] How to get off of autopilot
[14:35] The most important relationship that you have
[16:19] Find your center and H.H.A.L.L.T.
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[20:48] Comfort zone, learning zone, and anxiety zone framework
[22:36] Gym analogy
[24:08] Five fundamentals of natural health and fitness
[28:11] Exercise your mind
[29:11] Take care of your relationship  
[39:05] Outro

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