#63 – Scratching The Surface: Practicing Gratitude and Gaining Perspective

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NOT A MEMBER OF THE “HYPER CONSCIOUS NATION” YET? Visit www.thehyperconsciouspodcast.com to get access to our behind the scenes content, courses, training programs, articles and build your dream team!!! This episode was recorded in the hotel while we were in Florida!It seems that often times, it takes some sort of pain or loss for us to realize how grateful we are toward specific things. Think about the holidays… It's super common to hear people talk about what they're grateful for but for many people, that seems to be the only real time.When you realize and practice gratitude, it really can shift the way you view things. Maybe your car isn't as luxurious as you want, but if it stopped running and you couldn't make it to work…. how grateful would you be?When you consciously practice gratitude, you're far more likely to appreciate the things you have… long before you lose them.Different experiences, different people, and different lessons give us perspective. Listen in to see how perspective and gratitude go hand in hand!

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