Today hosts Kevin Palmieri and Alan Lazaros chat about their experiences and realizations throughout their journey. When you get to a place where you thought you could never be, your self-belief will change. You have to remember that this is an ongoing process, and you'll soon find yourself with opportunities you thought are impossible.

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Show notes:
[1:01] The question we received that prompted this episode
[4:48] There is a level beyond where you are, and once you get there, you might experience imposter syndrome
[8:15] Do you want to level up in life, love, health, and wealth without breaking your bank? Join Next Level group coaching, head on over to
[8:42] You don't know what else is possible for you
[9:35] NLU analogy
[11:35] Learning from your mistakes will get you to the next level
[13:15] You belong where you are, but you'll stay there for as long as you do what you did to get there
[16:32] Outro

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