#626 – How To Be a More Effective Speaker

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It was a pleasure and an honor for hosts Kevin Palmieri and Alan Lazaros to speak virtually at Toastmasters. It took Alan and Kevin a ton of learnings, experiences, and even hardships to become the speakers and podcasters that they are now. So they squeeze those learnings into a 40-minute presentation on how to become the best speakers. This presentation is such a powerful episode and one that's filled to the brim with knowledge and wisdom, so make sure you tune in.

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Show notes:
[3:15] Who are we, what we do, and how we got here
[7:07] The importance of making a decision and stacking them one on top of the other
[8:13] The influence quotient framework
[11:14] Believe in yourself and own your space
[14:20] Character over everything
[18:05] Be the expert of your field
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[22:43] The power of stories and lessons in your speeches
[26:27] Communication is an art
[27:04] Prep, Rep, Reflect, and Perfect
[31:41] What is a speech at the end of the day?
[33:21] Perception
[38:03] What does your online footprint look like?
[41:48] How the pandemic affected speaking opportunities
[42:37] Outro

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