Let's dive deeper into intentions and awareness as hosts Kevin Palmieri and Alan Lazaros join David Meltzer for a FIRE episode. They talked about how things would've been different if Dave hasn't experienced all the difficulties in his past and how having too much awareness may be a problem. Furthermore, Dave shares the importance of permitting certain people to tell you that you can do better. This is a very interesting, albeit quick, episode so make sure you take notes.

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Show notes:
[1:52] The problem with too much awareness
[3:23] How to care for new awareness?
[5:36] Would Dave be able to handle a busy schedule effectively 10 years ago?
[7:30] Is Dave's life more or less challenging?
[8:41] “More interested than interesting”
[12:29] What makes Sadhguru unique?
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[16:46] What setting higher quality of intention means, and has Dave not proactively pursued his potential?
[19:45] The importance of following daily practices
[21:25] Diving deeper into the hard yards
[22:59] If Dave didn't lose all his money in the past, where would Dave be now?
[26:48] Why others don't give permission in advance?
[30:40] Outro

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