#609 – What You Never Learned In School About Money

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Have you decided in advance to master money? Regardless of your answer, this episode is perfect for you. We know you've heard of the quote, “money doesn't buy happiness.” It's true, but what you probably haven't heard is that money buys choices.

Today hosts Kevin Palmieri and Alan Lazaros dive deeper into money matters because despite it being important, the basics of financial freedom were not taught in school. If you're a fan of using credit cards to get whatever you want, you might want to hold off on your next purchase and tune in because it's all fun and games until your next credit card bill.

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Show notes:
[1:50] If money doesn't buy happiness, what does it get you?
[2:59] The dangers of: play now and pay later
[4:09] Learn how to make more money and spend less
[5:37] Invest your money
[8:31] Fitness and finances — their similarities
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[13:23] The choices and status of people who invest vs. those who don't
[16:06] Fun vs. challenging
[16:38] Credit card company — the problem if you're not careful
[21:20] Outro

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