#608 – Is Your Fear of Judgment Holding You Back? – Meetup Monday

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Regardless of where you are in your journey, every person has experienced being held back by fear. Most of you would know at least one person who struggled with fearing the opinions and judgment of others.

In this episode, hosts Kevin Palmieri and Alan Lazaros talk about how fear and the desire to seek external approval constantly will hold you back from reaching your highest potentials. They also share their personal experiences and learnings when it came to judgment. At the end of the day, they would want you to ask yourself, “whose judgment matters the most to you?”

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Show notes:
[4:01] Kevin, in the past, wanted to become a full-time firefighter
[6:37] You either get the feedback along the way, or you get the feedback all at once
[8:20] The fear of being an imposter became a reality because you let fear get in the way
[10:06] Is there a time to kibosh a goal?
[15:03] How many things are you NOT doing because of fear of judgment?
[18:05] Good judgment vs. bad judgment
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[20:07] Alan and Kevin's why power and their definition of judgment
[22:07] Human beings must make judgment calls to survive
[26:49] You need to believe in your ability and dream so don't get derailed easily
[27:07] The need for approval
[29:50] Who are the detractors of those who are chasing their dreams?
[32:22] What you are is a mirror for what others aren't doing
[32:57] Stop seeking external approval at the expense of your self-respect
[39:02] Outro

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