#606 – Why Going All In Matters: Interview On The WhyPower Podcast

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In today's episode, hosts Kevin Palmieri and Alan Lazaros were interviewed by Bianca Thomas and Emilia Smith, the hosts of The WhyPower Podcast. They talked about why going all-in matters, how important that mindset is, and how to do it? They also wanted to remind their listeners that the results you'll get are entirely predicated on the level of commitment. So if you want to live a successful and fulfilled life, you need to go all-in on your dreams.

The WhyPower Podcast is the primary source of the conversations you need to elevate your life beyond its own limits. Enlightenment and success uncovered through story, served to you on a golden platter of abundance. Learn how the power of three letters becomes the key, unlocking the path of success and fulfillment. Hosts Emilia Smith and Bianca Thomas are about to help you change your life for the better because they know that time is ticking, and they’re done drifting with the tide. Join in the conversation about life, relationships, business, personal development, mental health, wellness, self-mastery, leadership, diversity, success, and much more.

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Show notes:
[3:43] What is the why power?
[5:14] Alan and Kevin's why power
[11:45] What they decided to be the best of?
[12:40] Perception vs. reality
[16:10] Being “all in” is dependent on where you are in your journey
[19:19] Reasons why people don't go all in
[22:14] Do you want to level up in life, love, and wealth without breaking your bank? Join Next Level group coaching, head on over to https://nextleveluniverse.com/group-coaching/
[25:33] The status of people's belief
[27:36] Lack of self-belief and clarity
[29:39] Discipline, consistency, and habits
[31:03] How to know if you're going all-in on something right or wrong?
[34:07] You need to love what you do enough to want to be the best at it
[35:04] No idea on what to go all-in on? 
[37:36] What gets you super emotional?
[39:07] Rapid fire questions
[43:59] Outro

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