#603 – Top Lessons Learned From The NLU Team!!! – Meetup Monday

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One courageous moment can change your life. That is the running theme in today's Meetup Monday, which is a very special one because we will hear from four of NLU's team members about their experiences and learnings since they joined. Hosts Kevin Palmieri and Alan Lazaros let Tiffany, Amy, Jen, and Branden take center stage and share their story, hoping that those of you who are listening will be inspired by their journey. Know that things are possible for you too! You just need to make that decision and take the brave step.
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Show notes:
[2:38] Let's hear from Tiffany
[4:54] Your environment is important
[10:08] “Everything you want really is on the other side of fear.”
[11:26] It's OG Amy's turn
[15:00] The result of a bad relationship
[16:34] Amy's big decision — health-wise
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[22:08] The coordinator of live events, Jen
[28:53] Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary?
[33:13] The man of the hour: Branden
[36:52] How Branden became part of the team
[39:48] Your belief in yourself is important
[42:49] Be with a winning team
[45:44] Group coaching round 3 is now open!
[46:26] Outro

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