#599 – Dealing with Identity Issues

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Experiencing some pain or discomfort in letting go of the identity you used to have or think you must be is normal, especially as your awareness increases. Hosts Kevin Palmieri and Alan Lazaros want you to know that you are not alone because they have had identity issues throughout their journey. The good news is that this crisis is something you can work on, mold, and change. This is one great episode that will help you understand your identity, so make sure you stay tuned.

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Show notes:
[1:25] Quick backstory of why they wanted to talk about identity today
[3:08] When you raise your awareness, you'd have to figure out where you fit
[6:36] Awareness to self and deciding to change
[7:57] Part of your identity may not connect to your goal anymore
[10:05] How well do you know your identity and what it's service or hurting, and what parts of your identity need to change to reach your goals?
[11:20] What identity really is and the power you have over your identity
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[13:32] Identity is moldable and changeable
[17:17] Alan and Kevin checking each other's identity
[20:23] Can you borrow belief?
[21:24] Join the Next Level Nation and surround yourself with people who can instill belief in you
[22:31] Quick bookclub plug
[24:09] Outro

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