#589 – Show Me Your Community And We’ll Show You Your Future

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When was the last time you were consistent? Who were you with? What situation were you in? If you want to get to your next level, you need to take consistent, high-level action. For you to do that, figure out why you’re not doing it in the first place.

In today’s episode, hosts Kevin Palmieri and Alan Lazaros talk about one of the most underrated things that you can do to get you closer to your goals. They’re diving deep into the main reason why your community or direct circle is going to influence your future.
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Show notes:
[2:30] People who take action quickly tend to make more progress
[4:19] Practice makes perfect — seriously 
[5:56] The ability to keep the promise you made to yourself
[7:06] The arc framework: awareness, responsibility, and commitment
[9:24] Do you want to level up in life, love, and wealth without breaking your bank? Join our group coaching, head on over to https://nextleveluniverse.com/group-coaching/
[10:45] Use technology to your advantage
[11:51] Why we’re doing this episode
[13:23] It’s easier to be disciplined if you’re clear on what you want
[16:25] Leadership is influential
[19:04] Outro

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