Hosts Kevin Palmieri and Alan Lazaros were invited to join Jeff Lopes from Jeff Knows Inc. Podcast, and the conversation got very interesting. You’ll see a different side of the Next Level Universe hosts as they share their history, background, and experiences that honed them to be the person they are today. Jeff Lopes also brings so much heart-driven wisdom to the table, making this conversation remarkable and one for the books.

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Show notes:
[1:28] Kevin and Alan’s history
[4:17] When things built momentum for Kevin and Alan
[6:49] Alan’s degree and corporate background
[8:11] Belief when used in the right direction and breaking the fear
[10:03] Where Kevin got his belief
[12:06] Partnership is a marriage
[13:27] What Alan and Kevin mean to each other
[14:02] 99% of helping people is FREE
[15:23] Next Level University and its branches
[17:31] Kevin’s childhood
[19:50] Entrepreneurs: nature vs. nurture
[24:25] Do you want to level up in life, love, and wealth without breaking your bank? Join our group coaching, head on over to
[25:12] Game vs. team vs. family
[27:55] Talking about relationships and the future
[35:00] Moving on to bodybuilding
[38:45] How many top entrepreneurs are in shape?
[43:47] Front and back door analogy
[45:10] How Kevin and Alan want to be remembered by their listeners and family
[48:08] Time as a currency
[50:54] Book recommendation: On The Shortness of Life by Lucius Annaeus Seneca
[51:37] Outro

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