#569 – The 3 Most Important Parts of Business

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Most of the people that hosts Kevin Palmieri and Alan Lazaros get to talk to want financial freedom, but most are having a hard time treading through this path. Running a business comes with its own challenges including fear of marketing and putting yourself out there. They talk about that in today’s episode as well as the reasons why businesses fail and what you can do.

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Show notes:
[1:50] Deciding in advance
[5:27] Why do most businesses go out of business?
[6:33] Alan explaining what “worth” means in businesses
[10:40] How to better streamline your business
[12:42] Do you want to level up in life, love, and wealth without breaking your bank? Join our group coaching, just head on over to https://nextleveluniverse.com/group-coaching/
[14:14] What is an organization?
[17:24] When the universe gives you opportunities…
[19:12] Innovation and mastery
[22:22] Do something long and well enough… word will spread. Until then, you gotta learn how to market and improve
[24:49] Free virtual speech that is fully custom for your organization, business or college
[26:05] Group coaching batch 2 is now OPEN!
[27:01] Outro

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