#562 – The Power Of Saying No

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One of the most common struggles that early entrepreneurs are facing is not having the confidence to say no. This is a skill and a practice which means you’ll have to do it constantly. You have to remember that as you become successful and as more opportunities come in, you’ll have to accept that there are things, meetups, lunches, and dinners that you’ll have to say no. It’s not because you don’t want to see these people or do these things, but you’ll have to learn to prioritize the ones that are aligned to your goals.

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Show notes:
[1:50] As you become more successful, you will have to say NO to a lot more things
[5:02] The pros and cons
[6:00] Core aspirations. Core values. Core beliefs.
[6:20] Saying no by giving your truth
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[8:50] Are you an obliger?
[9:50] Realize that if you say “yes” to 1 thing, you are saying “no” to everything else
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[15:40] Outro

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