#550 – What Is Work-Life Balance, Really?

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“This isn’t a balance problem, it’s an alignment problem. It’s easy to balance what you love.”

We’re sure you’ve heard of this phrase or you’re probably saying it constantly — work-life balance. But do you really know what this means? Do you know what it really entails? Are you really looking for balance or do you just need alignment? Those are things that we wanted to talk about in today’s episode so make sure you stay tuned and you might be surprised how far off you think work-life balance is.

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Show notes:
[1:28] Seesaw analogy
[3:00] Work-life balance might mean fulfillment
[6:05] 80-20 rule
[8:57] Understand what fills your cup
[10:47] Mastery, impact, and money
[12:09] A few questions for you to reflect on
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[16:01] Are you capable of achieving success with the habits that you are currently practicing?
[18:07] Moving the seesaw to the right part instead of the middle
[20:20] How can you integrate your work into your life?
[23:13] Without rest, work will burn you out…without work, you won’t be fulfilled
[24:13] An important and interesting breakthrough
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[29:08] Outro

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