#548 – What We’ve Learned About Relationships From Our Future Wives – Live Mastermind

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In this live mastermind, we give credit to our awesome girlfriends who became a source of inspiration and one of the reasons why we are the men we are today. Human as we are we make mistakes and we are going to make mistakes, but one thing is certain, we will make sure to never do anything to hurt our beautiful partners. Every day we strive to be better and better and it’s because of these lovely women in our lives. We share the top things that we learned from Taryn and Emilia, so if you are in an intimate relationship, you are for sure going to learn from this episode, so make sure to take notes.

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Show notes:
[2:59] Be open to learning
[4:31] Your partner is feedback for what? And make sure you give credit to your partner
[5:53] There’s no right or wrong, there are just two different perspectives
[8:08] Fight vs. discuss
[9:40] Controlling your emotions when you’re about to raise your voice
[14:54] One person’s overreaction is someone else’s fear — understand triggers
[18:45] Fear of catching a mind virus more than contracting COVID
[22:40] Bids in a relationship
[24:58] What’s something that somebody said to you that you have never forgotten
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[30:08] Everything is a relationship 
[34:03] Does your relationship with everything else affect your intimate relationship? 
[36:15] Motivation is nothing compared to love
[40:00] Codependence, no more
[43:44] What is a good representation of your partner?
[46:50] Proactive communication
[50:03] Vulnerability is a strength and a connector
[53:27] Apple and orange juice analogy
[54:18] The #1 thing most men need to hear and how to learn to become vulnerable
[1:00:24] Outro

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