#545 – Does Your Partner Have a Growth Mindset?

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If you are in an intimate relationship, ask yourself: are you growing together or growing apart? If it’s the latter, the relationship will most likely not work because your goals, beliefs, and values will start to drift. If you are having this dilemma, this episode is for you.
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Show notes:
[1:33] What is a growth mindset?
[2:36] Why are we talking about this?
[4:50] Personal development set point — what is it?
[5:21] Setpoint analogy 
[7:52] Core aspirations, core values, and beliefs
[10:48] Where is your rubber band at? 
[11:42] Approach your partner the right way 
[13:20] Success or love — what would you choose?
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[16:23] What if your love is strong enough to spark a change in your partners?
[17:09] Storytime by Kevin
[19:00] Sometimes (and sadly) it takes someone to leave someone in order to catalyze change
[22:45] Key takeaway
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[26:38] Outro

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