#542 – Whose Opinions Actually Matter In Your Life

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Recently we received not-so-good feedback on our show and we took the time to sit down with our team and understand where this feedback is coming from and what it means to us as a team. All types of feedback are important to help improve our show, but human as we are, we almost always do a double-take whenever we receive a less than positive one. What’s important here, and the reason why we wanted to talk about it today, is that you let that comment pinball in your head, get more feedback from the people you trust, and make a decision when emotions aren’t running high.

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Show notes:
[1:10] A not-so-positive review on Apple Podcast 
[2:15] Our thought process on digesting this specific review
[3:52] What good advice did you not take and which bad advice did you take?
[5:16] Who should you listen to if you want to level up in life?
[5:48] Liking and disliking bias 
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[8:06] Two things that can happen in this scenario
[9:22] Finding your truth can be difficult when emotions are high
[10:34] Run it through a different lens 
[11:15] The pinball analogy
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