#54 – Relationships and Changing Your Identity With Harvey Hooke

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“Harvey Hooke (@Gethimhooked) on Instagram, is a revolutionary new dating coach for women who's taken the world by storm!He's coached thousands of people in over 10 countries, and while focusing on women, men come to him to! He started out in 2015 touring the world coaching men only to return home to Australia to find that his expertise was needed else where!The ideas that Harvey teaches echo through his clients lives, so they not only get their love life in check, but it also breathes through ALL their other relationships as well!” Via Harvey's website http://www.gethimhooked.com/blog/Harvey was kind enough to sit down with us and talk about how your identity affects your life, he also dove deep into relationships and his extensive experience with them. GUYS!!! Harvey also led us through a guided meditation, so if you're driving…. wait to do that with us at home. It was truly an eye opening experience! We were super vulnerable and we truly learned a lot about ourselves… And as you know, sometimes that's what going Hyper Conscious means!Wanna learn more about love, relationships, and yourself??? Don't miss this one!!!

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