“Are your friends the best from your past or the best for your future?”

Are you feeling like you’re no longer in alignment with your friends? Do you feel like you can no longer jive with them? Or are they not supportive of your desire for self-growth?

In today’s episode, we talk about how and when to know if it’s time to break away from old friends and move on. Understand that as you grow, you are going to leave people behind. As you evolve, you will have to outgrow those who are not on the same trajectory as you and that’s okay.

Show notes:
[0:00] Intro
[4:12] Does maturity really come with age?
[6:10] The difference between doing something because it’s aligned with your highest self vs. doing something because you’re afraid to lose love if you don’t
[8:30] We stay in a relationship for a reason
[11:46] When you interact with others, what is your intention?
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[16:38] Not everyone out there is for you
[18:05] Get clear on what your “frame” is and ask yourself, why your friends are in your life?
[21:01] Have the best relationship that you can and don’t settle for anything less
[22:30] Express your truth, get a response, give it time, and make a decision
[26:53] The people who are hurting you might not have an idea that they are hurting you
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[29:30] Outro

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