#525 – What You Want Vs. What You Need

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We all have perceived wants, ambitions, and goals. Sadly, not everyone is aware of the fact that there are layers of “needs” that you should uncover and work on to achieve that “want”. The reality is that many are too afraid to take on what it really requires from them to be able to achieve get want they want in life. Today’s episode is not only filled with nuggets of wisdom, but we also share a ton of examples of “wants” and the possible “needs” that come with it. Just remember that “nothing worth having comes easy”.

Show notes:
[0:00] Intro
[1:12] The goal of this episode
[4:12] What role does mastery have in achieving your goals
[6:18] Think a little bit bigger than what you’re thinking now
[8:42] On desires and fears
[11:14] The problem is that you might not be aware of the thing that’s holding you back
[13:10] A few more examples
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[16:23] A quick shoutout to our team and the layers involved that make our team amazing
[19:40] Why coaches are important
[22:35] Another great example of wants vs. needs
[25:10] How to figure out what you need?
[26:26] Other than the goal, what else do you need?
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[29:13] Outro

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