It’s a fact that we, humans, have basic needs that each of us strives to meet. It differs from one individual to another. Also, experiences and situations can create a shift or change in a person’s needs. Each of us must figure out what our top basic needs are because this will allow us to uncover what moves or drives our behaviors into achieving certain goals in life.

Show notes:
[0:00] Intro
[1:41] Our intention: figure out your 2 most important human needs
[4:00] Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
[4:59] Giving definitions and examples of each of the basic human needs
[7:14] Understand that your top needs can change
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[12:11] The importance of communicating your truth
[15:01] Certainty analogy
[16:38] Things to get you to the next level
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[19:24] Outro

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