#519 – Why You Must Commit To Your Social Media Game in 2021

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“You’re going to help way more people than you are going to annoy.” 

Nowadays, almost everyone you know has social media, but you’ll notice that not everyone is using it correctly. Is there such a thing as right and wrong with social media platforms? Yes, of course! Tune in to learn more about the importance of having a strong and solid social media footprint, how to use social media properly, and the positive results you’ll see if you use the platform correctly.

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Show notes:
[0:00] Intro
[1:21] Why is an online footprint important?
[3:36] Who needs to have a good or solid social media account?
[5:01] Book recommendation: Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell
[6:20] What is your goal with social media?
[7:45] Make social media posting part of your daily routine and some tips to avoid getting trapped in the social media rabbit hole
[9:05] Change your relationship with social media
[10:49] Do you want to level up in life, love, and wealth? Join our private Facebook group #NextLevelNation
[11:19] Example of how important social media is
[15:05] Focus on better marketing, otherwise, you’re doing everyone a disservice
[17:11] Reading a Next Level love
[19:26] Do you want to start your own podcast? Reach out!
[20:06] Join the Next Level Mastermind every Monday, 6 PM EST and get around next level people
[22:16] Outro

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