When you watch a movie, see something on the street, listen to music, do you know which ones make you cry? Which ones make you want to move mountains? Which ones get you all fired up to be a better person? Let’s sit and talk more about that in today’s episode.

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Show notes:
[0:00] Intro
[1:46] Review and reflect on your past experiences
[5:33] What gets us emotional? 
[9:49] If something causes you emotional pain, dissect that and transform it into motivation and determination to make things better
[11:40] Understanding what moves you is important
[12:11] List down your go-tos when you are in your “feels” 
[13:09] Expect this experience to be a bit messy, but there’s something to learn from digging into your pain
[15:43] Struggling with motivation? You might be doing something that doesn’t move you
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[20:11] Outro

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