#516 – Hyper Coaching with David Meltzer

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Today’s episode ties neatly to our previous discussion about the need to find a coach. We truly believe that in order to make a coaching session worthwhile you need to come prepared with a list of “fire” questions. Otherwise, it would feel like you’re just wasting your time and in turn, your hard-earned money. In this coaching session with the great Dave Meltzer, we talk about quantifiable value, telling your truth and lying to yourself, the eyes as projectors, and so much more.

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Show notes:
[0:00] Intro
[1:33] What’s the best piece of advice Dave has gotten and what “asks” make others uncomfortable?
[5:22] What makes a good mentee?
[6:27] Friendly people vs. training to be friendly people 
[10:03] The great feeding chain
[12:05] Do we need to temper our optimism with other people?
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[16:50] What makes an amazing podcast — as an interviewee?
[18:23] How does Dave stay relatable and telling your truth to others?
[22:39] Dave’s abundance practice
[23:49] How to know when you are living in your own truth and the indicators to know that you are not?
[28:09] Tackling the topic of frustrations
[32:35] What do you attach to the outcome?
[33:57] Outro

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