“Your reality becomes the parts of your imagination that you hold on to the longest.”

Have you ever wondered what is holding you back from attaining your goals and reaching your dreams? Is it lack of action or are you imagining the scary side of things? In today’s episode, we would like to let you know that imagination is important in manifesting your dreams into reality.

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Show notes:
[0:00] Intro
[1:17] Let’s put some context in today’s episode
[2:44] Something we imagined that turned into a reality
[4:38] Steve Jobs and his imagination
[8:03] A child’s imagination and when does it go away
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[11:48] You have to keep imagining what you want in life
[14:00] Why is it important to have coaches and mentors?
[15:30] The butterfly effect concept
[16:42] Think of one thing that you imagined and became real
[17:51] You are probably imagining the worst side
[19:40] Constant imagining of a negative thing might start to manifest itself
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[23:49] Outro

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