#496 – Why You Must Commit To Constant Growth

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We all long for different things and dream different dreams, but it all boils down to how committed we are to growth — to constantly grow. Achieving our goals in life is very dependent on how much work we want to put in and that includes our desire to grow. So in today’s episode, we share personal reasons why are dreams and ambitions are huge. We also share what keeps us going even when things are tough.

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Show notes:
[0:00] Intro
[2:26] Why are we talking about commitment?
[3:52] Intentions for this episode
[4:38] Goal vs. growth mindset
[8:10] Looking back, we’ve grown and so did everything around us       
[10:31] On feeling “good enough”  
[13:15] Results are going to end where your growth does
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[17:35] What changed in Kevin for him to change 
[22:20] Lack of money and its connection to pain
[25:15] Pause and think this through…
[28:24] You want to know why we don’t have seasons
[29:34] Outro

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