Top 10 Ways To Resolve Conflict In Your Relationships

Conflicts with another person whether with your life partner, business partner, or a family member are normal. But that doesn’t mean that you can go ahead and blow up steam or walk away whenever one arises. It’s very important to figure out ways to resolve issues and that’s what we’re trying to share with you in today’s episode. Stay tuned to hear about the top 10 ways that you can resolve conflict and trust us, not only will your awareness improve but you’ll also make life easier with your partner.

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Show notes:
[0:00] Intro
[2:24] The pinball analogy
[7:01] Triggers and the importance of communicating what these are to someone else
[12:55] Kicking the can: don’t allow minor things to be major
[16:55] Fighting means nobody wins
[20:30] To come to the middle, you have to come to an agreement
[26:14] On being aware as early on in the relationship as you can
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[30:16] Create a relationship system with your partner
[33:58] Listen to learn
[37:45] Fear of not having an intelligent response
[40:11] On having a partner who does or doesn’t have a next level awareness 
[45:15] The secret sauce: unconditional love
[48:17] Small bids add up to giant results
[52:20] Truth is a perspective
[53:33] Bonus #1 The Story I’m Telling Myself by Brene Brown
[55:30] Bonus #2 Find the root
[57:38] $50 giveaway — it’s so easy to join
[58:05] Outro

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