The Importance Of Your Community

What is your community? What opportunities does it afford you?

In today’s quick episode, we talk about the importance of being around next level people. Why is it important to find the right tribe? What does it bring to you if you surround yourself with people who share the same value as you? Stay tuned for more of that.

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Show notes:
[0:00] Intro
[1:18] Standards are higher if you are part of a winning team
[3:13] When is the right time to find your community?
[4:43] What it comes down to — who influences you?
[5:13] Do you want to level up in life, love, and wealth? Join our private Facebook group #NextLevelNation
[6:47] Gas station with networking story
[7:58] The first step to making the right decision
[8:16] $50 giveaway — it’s so easy to join
[8:52] Join the Next Level Mastermind every Monday, 6 PM EST and get around next level people
[10:15] Outro

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